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Our 25 years of pharmaceutical experience, Tepe Pharmaceutical Warehouse has started operations in the pharmaceutical distribution sector. Turkey has a license to carry on the activities of the Ministry of Health and a pharmaceutical warehouse controlled by ministry officials at regular intervals. With a wide range of product range and our company has the business volume in the four corners of the world, Turkey "s has established itself a right in the market with competitive prices. Dynamic and young having the structure of the goals of our company, both domestic and overseas customers, world class and provide high quality services, operating principles that we apply and the end of the sale conditions the pharmaceutical industry and to increase you the profitability of our Dear Pharmacist, the most important people. Our company, which adopts the principle of service to human health is growing with each passing day with the support of our valued customers. Mission to be fair and the whole environment of our honest and communicate directly • be clear, respect for all individuals, and to trust • Customer needs to analyze correctly and to provide them with optimal solutions in the shortest possible time • Global world to follow developments in the sector, ourselves constantly renew • Our suppliers and committed to the chain between our customers and become a powerful ring • Customer satisfaction is our • constantly keep the maximum level as in continuous development, to act fast and flexible • Our products and services as well as our constantly about "Quality Awareness" to move.
“Dermo cosmetics, personal care products and food reinforcing natural products that are produced in 2010, which are products sold in many countries including Asia, Europe and Africa continent, where the global authority is most strictly in control of health, and medicure medicine, which is in the service of human health, for the protection of health and for increasing the quality of life. Medicure pharmaceutical health of the pharmaceutical value associated with phytotherapy and has close to 50 nutriterapik product is an obligation. Sales and marketing, management and production activities in which Medicure perform in Istanbul, serves many domestic and foreign companies to outsource."
We are in the initiative to provide products through communication with suppliers or producer companies for DRUG, MEDICAL, LABORATORY EQUIPMENT, OTC and DERMOCOCCETIC in the direction of requests from all Middle Eastern countries, especially IRAQ. We meet 85% of the requests that come with our 28-member team. Also with our registered three trademarks, we made outside to produce Multivitamins, Cosmetics and Dermocosmetic as phason. We stopped the process of making outside to produce phason for our company with Pharma Roya Drug Inc. The time we started producing our products we export them to the suppliers or to our firm and deliver them directly to the companies that we sell. Roya Group, which is strengthened with Roya Pharmaceutical Warehouse, aims to continue its growth in the future with solid steps. For this reason “ HEALTH IS FUTURE” and this will be possible with us.
BATI PHARMA, 25 years of experience, 50 countries in 6 continents It is a registered pharmaceutical wholesaler registered with the Ministry of Health in 2019 with 250 customers. International pharmacies, hospitals, charities and 3rd World Countries within the United Nations supplies pharmaceutical, medical and health products.
Zeus Ecza Deposu ve Saglik Urunleri Sanayi Ticaret A.S. is a young, dynamic and goal-oriented company where the founder Mr. Melih Koc has made a new start by synthesizing his more than 15 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry.
‘FARMALISA HEALTHCARE CO.’ a registered pharmaceutical company in Istanbul, Turkey. This company has established by an experienced team having more than 10 years experiences in the pharmaceutical market and is a fast growing company in the international market by having a well-equipped pharmaceutical warehouse and wholesaling permission from Turkish Ministry of Health. We happily invite you to visit our facility and warehouse in Istanbul where equipped well to store sensitive pharmaceutical products and it would be our pleasure to be in contact with you to negotiate about possible cooperation. As a registered pharmaceutical company we are ready to offer our services including: Exporting branded medicines available in Turkey, Europe, India, North America, … Exporting generic and local Turkish medicines. Trading medical instruments such as sugar blood test strips, devices, orthopedics, … Introducing and selling your products in Turkey, Iran, Ukraine, and other international markets. Trading chemicals, cosmetics and food products. Transiting goods and sourcing your needs. Everything you expect from your strategic partner. Our staffs are experienced in international business and speak English, Turkish, Farsi, Azeri, Arabic and French. We also ask you to check our website at and don’t hesitate to contact us if you need more information to start doing business with us.
Haver Farma started out in 2009 as a wholesaler to provide for the needs of all hospitals in Turkey. Haver continually grew to match the needs of the ever evolving market to eventually have our own products as well as increasing our product range even more. We seek continuous development to be able to respond to our clients needs faster and be a leading voice in the pharmaceutical industry. We hold human life and comfort in the utmost regard and endeavour to be understanding of this and constantly improving at all times.
Elis Pharmaceutical Wholesaler is a registered warehouse located in Ankara, Turkey with more than 10 years experience in sourcing and supplying a vast range of medicines. In Elis we are targeting the best solutions for our clinets by adopting service principles of reliability, quality and responsibility with a young, dynamic, and professional team in medical sector.
Pera Pharma is an international pharmaceutical wholesaler which is registered and regulated by the Turkish Ministry of Health. A wide range of products and services, backed by a strong financial structure, enabled us to grow constantly with our inter-national clients. Pera PHARMA is a responsible, dynamic and open minded organization that adapts its focus to the satisfaction and changing needs of its clients. We export a wide range of products including nearly 10,250 prescription medicines, vaccines, OTC products, medical devices, diagnostics, diet products and serving almost 35 countries in Europe, CIS, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Latin America and the Far East. We export our products to pharmaceutical wholesalers, aid organizations, private and public hospitals and for public tenders all over the world. Our product range is completely reliable and original with high quality products and very competitive prices. We provide the best and fastest service for our clients. We also import branded and generic pharmaceutical products from suppliers from almost 25 different countries including Europe, North America, Far East, Asia for all our customers around the World since the beginning of 2015.
Thanks to its specialized supply unit, PHARMABIZZ meets the needs of its customers quickly with the most competitive prices. PHARMABIZZ provides the service of high customer satisfaction in 5 continen